Henein & Associates Inc.
Trusted Accounting.


            Over the past quarter century, we have assisted many clients with various aspects of their financial requirements.  Our clients have been as small as young individuals needing assistance for government loans for school and preparing simple tax returns to large international airline carriers requiring accounting and advisory services for their Canadian operations, and many other clients in between. 

            Originally, the majority if our clients were from the film and television industry as well as the information technology sector.  However, over the years our clients base expanded to include drugstores, legal and medical professionals, retailers, advertising and marketing, small and medium-large manufacturers, trade providers, transportation services, real estate, insurance and mortgage brokers, restaurants, and distributors, home builders, construction, hair salons, churches, registered charities, and many other types of businesses.   These clients have been proprietorships, partnerships as well as incorporated entities. 

            Our personal clients include students, bankers, medical and health-care professionals, lawyers, accountants, dentists, chiropractors, real estate sales people, managers, corporate executives, professors, fund managers, investment advisers, teachers, plumbers, mechanics, electricians, police officers, firemen, dancers, computer specialists,  businessmen, pharmacists, retirees, investors, hair stylists, and housewives, among many others. 

            Henein & Associates Inc. is very proud of its service achievements and we are committed to continuously provide the best possible services to our clients, many of whom have also become our friends, so that we may continue to maintain our long-term relationships with the vast majority of our clients.  Our policy is to continue to accept new clients only via referrals from our existing clients and our professional affiliates. 




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